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Pioneer Campers offer a range of Hard floor Off-Road Camper Trailer options for every budget and for every level of 4x4 experience.

When you purchase a Pioneer Camper Trailer, you don’t just buy a respected product, you also join the Pioneering community. This is a community of like minded people with an adventurous outback spirit. One that is proud to be Australian owned and manufactured, designed and built from the ground up at our Melbourne manufacturing facility. Pioneer campers are sold all over the country by our network of dedicated dealers, who share your passion for off-road enjoyment and will offer ongoing support as your journey continues. With a Pioneer Camper in your rear view mirror you can be safe in the knowledge that a stress free outback adventure awaits you and your family.

Pioneer Campers. In Front Outback.


Setting up

Most say five minutes, with a Pioneer you will have 1.7x5.2 meters of living space in under five minutes. Add an Awning to increase this footprint to up to 4.1x5.2 meters. Kids room and Ensuites also available.

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