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Pioneer Hard Floor Awning Setup

This should have been put up here but was posted on the Pioneer/Trakmaster FB group.  Worthwhile here.

We've had Onyxs for 14 years and last week was the first time we'd tried this method of setting up the awning, previously, always struggling from underneath.  No more !   If only we'd been shown this years ago !   So, many thanks to Jim & Lynda at Dirt N Beyond in WA.   Appreciated.

Check this link.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuv8e09g5Vs

I've documented the process for our own use but you can't upload to this site so PM me if you want a copy.  I've a laminated copy with my instruction manuals in the camper and a version on the phone.


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Re: Pioneer Hard Floor Awning Setup

What an excellent set of videos....thank you so much.

I have the onyx without the automatic closing and have always struggled to get the final pull down on the pack up.  I know I'm missing a couple of crucial steps now thanks to the pack up vid.  Really looking forward to setting it up in the front yard on the weekend to test out my new knowledge.

I have the 2.4 Awning but have never used all of the spreader bars.  I always use the top high spreader but have been afraid of using the lower ones because they look to me like they would catch huge pools of water in rainy conditions......can anyone attest to this?  I was camping with family that had a camper once and that seemed to be the case.  Rain was pooling in the awning behind each spreader.

Again, excellent videos and excellent campers.



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Re: Pioneer Hard Floor Awning Setup

Neat idea. Thanks for posting.

Re wind,  if it's stiff I double peg the rope - it looks like an inverted V - or even double rope.

I also think the awing pitch fails in the wind cos the foot of the pole moves, so I use a pole cup to prevent it.
https://www.tentworld.com.au/buy-sale/s … pole-plate



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